Anita Kristine Ponsaing Activities
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne


I recently gave a talk at the Laborastory, a science-themed public event, about Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace and the calculating engines they developed. This talk will soon be available on iTunes and YouTube.

I have an article in the Conversation, "A little number theory makes the times table a thing of beauty". This article was based on another I wrote which is available here.

I was one of the organisers of and the webmaster for the conference "Integrability and Combinatorics, a conference in memory of Yuri Stroganov", which was held in Presqîle de Giens, France from 23–27 June 2014.

I am one of the presenters of and the webmaster for a science podcast called the Cosmic Tea Party. We discuss a range of science topics and news items in a lighthearted and accessible way. The podcast is available for free from iTunes.

I was involved in the Mathematicians in Schools program run by the CSIRO in Australia. I worked with Elsternwick Primary School, giving extension maths lessons to students in year 5 and 6.